Johnson Aircraft Maintenance

Dennis Johnson

(570) 253-2281


Rick Harsche - Flight Instructor

CFI, CFII, MEI, Commercial

(570) 470-1818


Business  Hours:

Mon,  & Thurs: 8am-3pm

Tue & Wed: Closed

Fri, Sat, & Sun: 7am-4pm

Weekdays breakfast is served all day long, however on weekends breakfast ends at 11am.

latest news

On the Field​:


Cherry Ridge Airport


​​Our Sunday Breakfast Buffet will return Sunday, May 8th and will run every Sunday from 8am-12pm for the season.

As the summer season comes to a close we would like to once again thank everyone for their support. Hopefully the winter will be mild and we will continue to be blessed to serve all of you. Thank you :-)

​                     ONCE A MONTH DINNER BUFFET

​Our Once a Month Dinner Buffet will start Saturday, May 14th from 4pm-7pm and will run every second Saturday of each month for the season.

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